Početna skkk Discord app not opening in windows 10

Discord app not opening in windows 10

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Discord app not opening in windows 10

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Now to reinstall the Discord app, open the app through a web browser, and visit the download section.


Discord Won’t Open on my PC [Solved in Windows 10] – Method 1: Turn off Auto-start in Discord

replace.me › discord-not-opening. Method 1: Clear the local AppData to Fix Discord not opening · Press the Windows + R keys to open up the Run utility. · Type in “%appdata%” and click on the OK.


Discord app not opening in windows 10


Discord is an instant messaging app you can use to communicate through text messages, voice calls, and video calls. You can also use it to share files.

Discord was originally created for gamers, but many other people now use it these days. It has become an alternative to Slack for many users — especially for those who want to have an online community. But sometimes, Discord might not open when you launch it.

This could be due to pending updates, running games, and other causes. In this article, I will show you 5 quick ways you can make Discord open again on a Windows 10 computer. The number one fix I would recommend to make Discord open again is to kill the Discord task with the Command Prompt.

You should get a message that the Discord process has been terminated. When you clear an app’s AppData, all cache files are cleared — which can fix some problems, including loading. This will open up the AppData folder. Step 3 : Locate the Discord folder and delete it. Delete it from your Recycle Bin too.

Clearing the Discord’s LocalAppData can make it open again. It can also fix the common JavaScript error associated with Discord as well. This will open up the LocalAppData folder. Step 3 : Look for the Discord folder and delete it. Go to your Recycle Bin and delete it too. Note that you might have to reinstall Discord to get it running again after clearing its LocalAppData.

I can attest that this solves the issue as I recently had to do it. Use the steps below to fix the issue only if you don’t have useful apps running in the background. Step 2 : Select “Privacy”. Step 3 : Click on Background apps on the left, then turn off the toggle under “Let apps run in the background”. Stopping the Discord process with the Task Manager can make Discord open again as this refreshes the app. Step 2 : Make sure you are under the Processes.

Right-click on Discord and select “End Task”. Apart from the methods discussed in this guide, you can also fix the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling Discord. Note that you can also fix another popular issue with Discord — JavaScript error — by using one of the fixes suggested in this article — clearing LocalAppData. I’ve had to do this myself. Thanks a lot for reading. If you find this article helpful, consider sharing it with your friends.

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