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Resident Evil is chock full of remakes, spin-offs, non-canon entries, overlapping games, and numberless sequels, so chronology can get a little confusing.

It’s been fairly straightforward with Biohazard and Village, but delve any further back and you might find it a tad confusing. The series has nine numbered entries but a few other titles and expansions on offer that are just as worth playing. If you’re looking to uncover more of Umbrella’s mysterious origins or just the history of the iconic cast, then here is the chronological order of the main Resident Evil story. Updated October 25, by James Troughton: The release of Resident Evil Village illuminated some information that was previously unknown.

The Umbrella Corporation is older than fans thought. Village provides a surprising bookend to the Resident Evil story so far. So with that in mind, let’s take another look at the chronological order of events present in the Resident Evil franchise.

The series kickstarts with a prequel that shows just what the Bravo Team of S. You step into the shoes of wrongfully convicted Billy Coen and the youngest S. This is the first entry into what would become known as the Mansion Incident that occurred in the Arklay Mountains outside of Raccoon City.

It has you playing both Billy and Rebecca interchangeably in a duel-protagonist system. At least, in comparison. Sure they lost some people but they quickly found themselves in the comfort and safety of the mansion. What could go wrong? The two have slight differences but it’s tough to say which of these is ‘canon’ as no future game confirms it. Either Jill or Chris ends up trapped in a cell for most of the story. It’s up to you to decide who that is. Playing Chris does mean that you get to see Rebecca again, however.

Not too long after the accursed Mansion Incident, Raccoon City had a city-wide outbreak. This is where chronology gets a touch tricky – 3 and 2 overlap, but there’s a way to manage it if you’re a stickler for playing in order. In 3, you play as Jill again but there’s another character in the mix. Carlos, a new character, has his own segments when Jill is occupied. The game opens with the outbreak’s beginnings, meaning it takes place before 2.

However, there is a time skip once Jill gets infected – at that point, switch over. With the outbreak already rampant, rookie first-day police officer Leon Kennedy strolls into town and bumps into Chris Redfield’s sister who has arrived at the city in search of her brother. The two realize the city is under siege by hordes of zombies and set out on their respective goals — Leon helping Ada Wong and Claire helping Sherry Berkin all while she searches for Chris.

The first game might not have a canonical campaign but 2 does. If you want to experience it, the order is Claire 1 and Leon 2. Once you’ve wrapped up 2 and, if you’re so inclined, the optional Fourth Survivor mode, it’s time to delve back into 3, starting with the hospital segment that has you in the shoes of Carlos.

From this point on, there are only two remaining areas, the hospital and NEST 2. The latter is home to a couple of Nemesis boss fights so be sure that you’re well-stocked to take him on. She helps young Sherry escape but never does find her brother.

A letter indicates that he has gone to Europe, however, and that sparks Code Vernoica. It isn’t a numbered entry, being called Code Veronica, but many consider it the untitled fourth game, a sequel to 3 in everything but name. It sees the two siblings reunite after Claire continues her search. With Claire helming her own pseudo-sequel alongside her brother Chris, it was only natural that Leon would also get his day, that being in the beloved and iconic Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 tells the story of Leon being sent to rescue the president’s daughter from a cult, starting the Las Plagas saga. It outlines what she was up to when Leon was mowing down villagers and ringing church bells. To avoid spoilers, you’re best playing 4 and then Separate Ways. The Revelations entries aren’t vital to the story but expand upon it, delving into what our favourite characters were up to in the interim.

Leading nicely into Resident Evil 5, Revelations details what Jill and Chris were doing after the events of 4, nicely setting up their respective arcs. Resident Evil 4 began the transition of the series from survival horror to action, but it still clung to its roots in style which is where Resident Evil 5 differs, dropping most of the horror aspects in favour of shoot-em-up co-op.

Five years after Resident Evil 4, Chris and his new partner, Sheva Alomar, venture into Kijuju, Africa, to stop Ricardo Irving from selling a bioweapon on the black market. While Code Veronica ties up the story that began when Claire debuted in 2, that wasn’t her last day in the Resident Evil series as she re-appeared once more in Revelations 2.

This game tells the story of Claire and Moira Burton, daughter of S. Resident Evil 6 has four campaigns that all interlink so if you want to know what Leon, Sherry, Ada, and Chris were up to, you’re gonna have to slug your way through this mediocre action-packed shooter.

Each of these characters who have appeared in prior games re-surface with new partners as 6 is an experience best had in co-op.

One of these characters is Wesker’s son. After 6 stagnated the series, Capcom took their time and came back in style, returning to roots with a full-blown survival horror. You play as Ethan Winters who has ventured to a remote plantation in Louisiana after receiving a message from his missing wife, Mia.

When he arrives, all hell breaks loose as he discovers a family that has been torn apart by the Mould. It’s more action-packed than 7 but it still retains that feel of the original campaign. It makes sense given that you step into the shoes of a Blue Umbrella operative rather than a citizen who stumbled onto terror.

Mia has been murdered and their daughter has been stolen right from Ethan’s grasp, and he’s determined to get her back. Cue the village with Lady Dimitrescu, Heisenberg, and an eerie doll. It sets up a sequel and elaborates on Redfield’s character, but he’s a touch different from 7. After returning to his original look, fans weren’t happy, so Capcom dialled back and turned him into the beefcake that punched a boulder in Resident Evil 5.



Pc games in parts

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