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Outlook Search Not Working? These Methods Are Available! – Question Info

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Microsoft office outlook 2016 search not working free download. How To Fix Outlook 2016 Search Problems

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Thank you. This has worked for me and many others it seems — when in outlook go to file, then go to options, then click search on left of screen, then click indexing options, UN Tick outlook , then click ok and come out of it completely and close down out look. Then re open outlook…go back to the indexing options and re tick outlook Go back to your search bar in outlook and now you should be able to search your emails.

Mine still says something went wrong upon searching but for some unkown reason it does search and it works. Apart from thats — microsoft update please as this is not good on what is suppose to the wordsbest email client. It works! You are a true hero, sir. I have been spending hours sorting and digging through emails — now I can get some real work done :. I love the person that posted this solution! After hours last night of a failed attempt, this worked in just one minute.

Worked for me once but the issue came back again. We have issues on Windows 7 and Office and After updating to builds A fix has been released for this issue in build Ammpa: Even the last update of Office in Windows 7, cannot fix the problem.

I can search the main folder — but — my sub folders in different PSTs — it wont allow. I used to click on that folder — search. Not now. My entire team is having the same issue.

It is very interesting. I have tried every single mentioned solution here and it did not work for me. But i left Outlook as unticked under indexing options then modify and now it works. I dont mind seeing that as long as i have my result there. But there need to be a proper solution to this annoying problem. Does anyone have a proper solution to this please?

Time is money and Microsoft you have already wasted so much of our time by not fixing this vital functionality! Someone senior at Microsoft needs to pull their finger out and get this sorted please. I have the same problem for 2 months now.

Suddenly i couldnt find any mail. I did all the steps that you say Nothing happend. I call Microsoft. They suggest me to unistall the program and install Mozilla Thunderbird. Ok I found something. Try these. Try it and let me know. Sorry, its crazy but Works for me. I tried everthing and this one works. However i still complains something went worng, but it gives a result!

Thank you! Windows 10 was not allowing indexing on the PST file until it had that enabled on its File Properties. None of this works. I recall that it involved disabling some start-up service. The only reliable solution seems to be to turn off indexed searching. However, the result is searching that is too slow because it shows the older, and therefore least interesting, matches first, as opposed to the indexed search engine that shows newest matches first.

What we need is a reliable alternative to Outlook that works exactly the same but includes a fast, reliable search function.

This is not going to come from Microsoft as the problem has been around for several years and they do not admit to the existence of the bug. I think perhaps the source of the problem might be some completely unconnected application as was the case with Edge continually replacing my third party PDF reader as the default.

The problem turned out to be an old version of WinZip that violated some Windows 10 rule, causing it to revert to original file extension associations. I close the Outlook data file.

Then I re-open or re-connect the Outlook data file. This causes the Outlook data file to re-index automatically. Then the search works again after a short time of re-indexing. These instructions works for me but only for couple of days before the same problem occurs again.

I have tried all this with no success, at me everything has started to work after i compacted my database, now i have results on my search again. None of this has worked for me. I search for an email i got from my boss five minutes ago and it says no results shown.

I have followed all options on here and non work. Thank you for this! I have been operating without search capabilities in Outlook for a month and have tried the MicroSoft Community, GoDaddy who my Office was purchased through and various other sources including my local computer repair shop.

Your advice and directions were spot on! Easy to follow and fixed the problem. I did not have to rebuild the index the unchecking, exiting and rechecking the box did it for me.

I read all of the suggestions. My problem was the Indexing was frozen with about 16, items left to index. When I tried to search, I would get a warning stating that the Indexing was not complete.

If I double clicked on that message, I would get a count down. Clear instructions. Easy to follow. No jargon. Pictures helped. Didn’t match my screen. Incorrect instructions. Too technical. Not enough information. From Outlook click File , Options , Search. This will open the policy and you should see the below screen. Reboot the device for the changes to take effect. You can work around the issue by disabling Windows Desktop Search which will cause Outlook to use its built-in search.

The built-in search will display the following to indicate it is not using the Windows Search service:. Search performance will be impacted because a group policy has turned off the Windows Search service. Important: The following steps show you how to modify the registry.

However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Please make sure that you follow these steps carefully. For added protection, back up the registry before you modify it. Wires can get crossed, indexes can be corrupted, and all kinds of issues can show up. Want to know what kind of problems happen, and how to fix them? Still no results. Run the Windows Search troubleshooter.

Run the Search and Indexing troubleshooter. In Windows 8. In Outlook, click in the search box, then click Search Tools. Click on Indexing Status. A dialogue box should pop up. Make sure that it has fully indexed your account and that there are zero items remaining. Check that data files are selected. Once again, click in the search box, then click on Search Tools.

Click on Locations to Search, and make sure everything is checked. In particular, double-check that all data files and data stores are selected. This brings up the Windows Services box.

Find the Name column and find the Windows Search service. Still not working? Outlook add-ins help add features and improve productivity. However, sometimes an incompatible or outdated Outlook add-in can cause chaos and lead to issues such as Outlook crash, Outlook not responding , or Outlook search problems. This blog helps you understand various Outlook search problems and details several troubleshooting methods to fix these problems. These utilities can repair PST file and recover the entire mailbox data.

EXE tool. The software supports encrypted Outlook data files, shows a preview of recovered mailbox data before saving, saves the recovered Outlook data file in multiple file formats, and more. It works in almost all situations when the Inbox repair tool fails to resolve the issue.

Top 5 Outlook Problems. Outlook Not Responding? Outlook error 0x? How to fix error 0xccc0f. Thanks for this article. It really helped me out to save my day as I was facing a similar issue with my Outlook version and while searching on the internet I came for this page.

Before that, I tried many times but failed. No such luck after upgrading Outlook to Outlook office Search results always come up with no results. Tried everything: rebuilding, removal windows. Something is obviously broken.



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From Outlook select File, Options, Search. Select Indexing Options, select Advanced. Under Troubleshooting select Rebuild. Summary: This blog outlines Microsoft Outlook search problems such as ‘Outlook search not working’ and ‘returns no or incomplete results’.