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Non-destructive editing. Photoshop offers the advantage of having the image fully editable, without having to worry about cropping or retouching the area that has been modified. Multiple transitions. Photoshop has the capability of using several different styles of transitions between layers, as well as functions that allow for blending the images between layers. Video editing. Photoshop allows users to create their own motion video, which has many uses on the web.

The filters in Photoshop are typically extremely powerful, and feature layers that can be made invisible. These filters can transform and distort images, sharpen them, change colors, add halos and vignettes, clear up images, change textures and add special effects.

Filters come in two variations: Vector and Raster. Raster is the term used for graphics that are created using an image program. Creating a Photoshop image allows for many choices for what format to save the image in, and what settings to use on the various options.

Click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the layer title field and select Color, Grayscale or Black and White. Fun fact: Photoshop originally started out as Acrobat Distiller. It then became the ImageReady image editor with auto-crop features. When you make an editing task in Photoshop, you always have several options. Here are some tools you can use. There are many important tools to use in Photoshop, and each has its own function. Brush tool is the most important tool of the lot. You can paint on the image or paint in a new layer.

You also can select from different brushes, called presets, and adjust the size and shape of your brush by pressing Alt. You can find the brush tool at the bottom of the Tools panel. The brush tool comes in three forms:. I cover the Basics panel in this chapter; the Tools panel is discussed in Chapter 6.

The next two chapters discuss image adjustments with the Levels and Curves panels, which are discussed in Chapters 10 and You access these panels through the Adjustments panel refer to Figure In the Adjustments panel. It is still a little expensive, but many beginners do not have the income to spend more on software. However, it is highly recommended as a beginner because it is easy to learn and provides good quality results.

The Photoshop program has an extremely large library of powerful effects, filters and tools that are easy to use for beginners. The software is a bit heavy on resources, but the learning curve is very short and learning is easy. For beginners and beginners who are experienced Photoshop users, however, it can be difficult to use for the first time because most of the time is spent on learning the menus and interface. Elements was designed with beginners in mind, so there are tools to help users learn how to use the program and how to edit photos.

For example, you can save a file and then resize it before saving as a JPEG, which is quick and easy and saves space on your computer. In addition, there is a library of tutorials, videos and books that can teach you how to use Photoshop Elements. Your computer must be configured to let you access the tutorial website. He has been photographing and photographing Swedish architecture for the past 6 years. For the last 4 years he has been working with a mapping software called Personal Mapper that creates 3D maps of human perception.

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