Početna ddl Ms teams msi silent install.Install Microsoft Teams Client

Ms teams msi silent install.Install Microsoft Teams Client

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Ms teams msi silent install.Deploying the Microsoft Teams Desktop Client

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Bruce 8 May Reply. Is there another location we can get it? Teams has its own update methodology, it has nothing to do with Targeted Release settings in an office tenant, the Windows Updater or the Office Update process.


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So we have two options to deploy it to the user. Before we create a deployment script, we first need to download the client. There are two versions available:. The Microsoft Teams Setup. You can use this to create a PowerShell script that runs when a user logs in to install the Teams Client.

Download the installer and place it on a network share or you can also place it in the NetLogon folder. We can install Microsoft Teams with this simple command. If you need to completely remove or uninstall Teams, then check out this article that will go more into depth on complete removing Teams, including a cleanup script.

You can create a logon script that you can link to a GPO. Add a condition to check if the file Teams. I created a PowerShell script that will install or uninstall Microsoft Teams. You can find the script here at the Technet Gallery. An easier way to install Teams is to install the Teams Installer on every computer.

The Teams Installer is placed in the Program Files folder and will run automatically when a new user logs in to the computer. It will then install Teams in the user-profile folder. First, make sure you place the MSI file in a central location. Paul Cunningham 24 May Reply. Nahum 20 Jun Reply. Paul Cunningham 20 Jun Eric Bostrom 22 Jun Paul Cunningham 22 Jun I wish it were better than that, sure.

MelQ 12 Jul Bruce 8 May Reply. Hi Paul, The cleanup script from MS fails all the time. Thanks, -Bruce. Paul Cunningham 8 May Reply. Ahhhhhhh coding is fun. Michael 19 Apr Reply. Hi The provisioning works well. The log file containcs this line, saying that it cannt access files outside the appdata folder: — error — Blocked to load files outside of app folder.

Doug Cote 12 Apr Reply. Paul Cunningham 12 Apr Reply. Artem Makaryan 21 Mar Reply. Thanks for answer and help! Dinator 15 Nov Reply. Martin Gauvreau 22 Feb Reply. Martin Gauvreau 10 Feb Reply. Paul Cunningham 11 Feb Reply. Arjan Kop 1 May Reply. Paul Cunningham 9 Feb Reply. Bruce 6 Jan Reply. It will not install from a shared directory. Paul Cunningham 6 Jan Reply. When I was writing the blog post and demo scenario I installed from a shared directory.

Francis Theys 10 Jan Reply. BSK 4 Jan Reply. Paul Cunningham 4 Jan Reply. Why would you want to stop it auto-updating? BSK 4 Jan Paul Cunningham 5 Jan But this is not supported by microsoft. Dean Gross 2 Feb Reply. Julius 27 Dec Reply. Can Team be packaged Sequnced and use as an AppV5 package. Ryan 7 Dec Reply. WowMS 9 Nov Reply. Paul Cunningham 9 Nov Reply. Michele 26 Oct Reply. Paul Cunningham 27 Oct Reply. Jon 13 Sep Reply. AOller 27 Sep Reply. Any news on this? Jason 10 Sep Reply.

Michael Klinteberg 13 Oct Reply. Hi I also left a harsh comment on uservoice. Andreas 6 Nov Reply. Voted it up too! Ian 10 Aug Reply. Sadly I agree with many here.

Suman 27 Jul Reply. Paul Cunningham 27 Jul Reply. Andrew Darrow 7 Aug Reply. Darren Zappa 6 Jun Reply. Or is it possible? Emiliano Branca 8 Aug Reply. Mark 10 May Reply. Kush Kumar 8 May Reply. Martin 21 Apr Reply. Where does this get logged if it fails to install? Michael Foley 22 Aug Reply. Matt 20 Oct Reply. Paul Cunningham 20 Oct Reply. Holy cow Windows 7. Ivan 14 Apr Reply. Very nice, thanks. The option for 64 or 32 bits is related to the OS or the Office installation?

Paul Cunningham 14 Apr Reply. David 2 Jun Reply. Make sure the computers you install Teams on meeting the requirements listed in Hardware requirements for Microsoft Teams. If a user uninstalls Teams from their user profile, the MSI installer will track that the user has uninstalled the Teams app and no longer install Teams for that user profile.

To redeploy Teams for this user on a particular computer where it was uninstalled, do the following:. The next steps contain information about how to modify the registry. Make sure that you back up the registry before you modify it and that you know how to restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up, restore, and modify the registry, see Windows registry information for advanced users.

You can also use our Teams deployment clean up script to complete steps 1 and 2. The default behavior of the MSI is to install the Teams app as soon as a user signs in and then automatically start Teams. If you don’t want Teams to start automatically for users after it’s installed, you can use Group Policy to set a policy setting or disable auto launch for the MSI installer.

Enable the Prevent Microsoft Teams from starting automatically after installation Group Policy setting. This is the recommended method because you can turn off or turn on the policy setting according to your organization’s needs.

When you enable this policy setting before Teams is installed, Teams doesn’t start automatically when users log in to Windows. After a user signs in to Teams for the first time, Teams starts automatically the next time the user logs in. Also, change the action from update to replace. This will cause it to replace the default file that is created but to not change anything after that. Blog Start Here!

First time? Programs are case sensitive. Tea is the correct program name for Microsoft Teams. Write-Host Program not found.